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This page is designed to help answer any question you may have about STLF.  If you can't find your question listed here, scroll to the bottom of the page and send it over!  We'll get back to you and likely post your question and answer on the page for others in the future.  Thanks!

1.  Who can I contact with questions?

Please feel free to reach out directly to any of our staff with any questions you might have.  Click here for their contact information.  You can also call our main phone line at 612-276-2003 or email us at for general questions or inquiries.

2.   Can you provide me with information for parents of students attending a high school or middle school Pay It Forward Tour?

We are committed to answering your every question and concern regarding your students upcoming experience with STLF.  Rest assured that safety is our top priority in carrying out high quality STLF programs for young people.  Many of your concerns may be answered on the 'For Parents' information page, or on the Parent Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have additional questions, contact us to visit more:

    3.   Does STLF have Chapters in High Schools?

    STLF does a great deal of programs for high school students, but does not have high school chapters.   We believe that high schools have existing organizations to engage students in service and leadership, and that STLF programs can make a difference in all of those organizations and in people's lives by providing programs for high school students such as the Pay It Forward Tour and Leadership Camp.

    4.   How do I start up a Chapter of STLF on my college campus?

    All STLF Chapters have been founded with the initiative of students who have brought it to their campus.  Becoming an STLF Chapter means creating a student group on your campus, working with STLF to organize a Pay it Forward Tour, and organizing local projects in your campus and community.  

    5.   How can I bring a High School Pay it Forward Tour to my high school?

    The High School Pay It Forward Tour is STLF's fastest growing program because high school students, teachers, and college students have brought the program to their school.  We will plan it all if you can do the recruiting!  

    6.   How can I support or donate to STLF?

    STLF could not exist without its broad community of supporters and donors including students, parents, and community members.  Click here to learn more about how to support STLF, or donate online today!  Thanks!

    7.   Where is STLF located and who is it lead by?

    STLF consists of a National Support Office in Minneapolis, MN; College Chapters reaching across the Midwest; and program partnerships with high schools and middle schools around the country. 

    All programs of STLF are organized by Cores (3-5 students) of well-trained and prepared college student volunteers.  The National Office consists of the organization's only paid staff (8 people), and houses all administrative, fundraising, training, and high-level coordination of programs.  Click here to learn more about STLF's leadership structure.

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